Mobile App Development

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world

Importance of Android Mobile Development

On average 60% of your traffic to your website comes from mobile devices & you are losing a healthy chunk of traffic and potential business if your enterprise is not having inquisitively crafted mobile app. You are missing more if you lag behind having a mobile app platform that currently holds 75.27% of Market share-----Yes, we are talking about Android mobile apps. If you want to ladder-up this opportunity is that ladder. iiLogics is a full-service digital marketing & developing agency; based in Pakistan, Lahore and serving the clients around the globe. Since the entrance of Android mobile apps in the digital arena, and our proactive team envisaged the future and started pitching matchless android app solutions to the markets, including niches like fashion, technology, business, industry and lot more. Resultantly, has accumulated a mounting repository of satisfied and delighted customers.

Whether you are looking to build an Android app from scratch or contemplating to migrate existing apps to Android app form other platforms, hire the team of seasoned developers at iiLogics for the customer and objective-centered results. Our developers, UX-UI strategists, and graphic designers are remarkably Dexter at developing Android mobile apps. whether they are hybrid, standalone, database driven, react native, or web server integration.

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IOS app development

22.74 % share of IOS apps in the app market is a logical stimulant to build an IOS app. We at iiLogics have been developing flawless, stunning IOS apps for iPhone, pads, Iwatches & apple Tv for years. Developers at iiLogics are capable of developing ISO app on any modern frame like Swift, C++, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, React native, Ionic, etc. Hence adding an array of options for native, hybrid and web-based applications. To ensure the quality of app our quality assurance team deploy rigorous self-developed techniques & methods along with wise use of reliable testing tools like Specta, Kiwi, OCmock, KIF, XCTest. We also provide assistance to publish your apps on Apple store

Native & Hybrid App Development

Requirement assessment is key for a successful app. You may or may not be familiar that what kind of app you need for your Android, IOS or Web. Reactive Apps and hybrid are two different types of App IOS, Android and web-based Apps. Native apps are fast, reliable, support online and offline modes. On the other side, they are a bit expensive, took longer to be built and requires different versions for different app stores. Hybrid apps are faster to build, easy to maintain, and less expensive. A single code can be implemented in different app stores. But it is not as good as native apps in terms of the User interface.

Both have pros and cons, merits and demerits & pricing models. it can be quite techy to choose the right one for your product. We at IiLogics, after having an initial assessment from you, will guide through logical arguments that what will suit you. Hence assisting you through this complicated decision-making process. Team iiLogics have proven track record of successful completion for both Native and Hybrid apps & provide you end product with an optimum User experience that brings value to you and the users.

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